sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2007


I wish I could make you feel better, I'm sorry I can't.
It's hard enough as it is to try and make me feel better; I have no idea how to help someone else. If I ever find the secret to happiness, I swear you'll be the first one I'll tell about.

2 comentários:

Mariana disse...

Do you promise?
I promise I'll wait next to you until you do find a way to make yourself feel better... Even when we seem to be so far away from each other... I'm here... and I always will!

Maritza disse...

Oooooooonnnnn! Ilove you! I didn't even know you come here! This post was meant for someone else, but you deserve it as well. Actually, I'm sure you're closer to happiness than any of us. Please greet us when we get there!