segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008

Da série Coisas que eu gostaria de ter escrito

"What do we exist for?
For love? For money? For sex? For self-understanding? For enlightment? For fame?
Well, we exist, full stop! It's self-explanatory... Otherwise, existing wouldn't be such an intransitive experience, it would be followed by objects and complements adding a meaning to it... it is not so!
We exist regardless of what is out there to be pursued, wanted, feared, imposed upon us. You exist and I exist, unattached, unrelated... Lonely as it is, existing will never have you breathing like I do nor feeling what I feel.
Standing outside is what it's meant to be (ex = outside; sistere = to stand). Outside the boundaries of conventional rules, outside the boundaries of everyone else's dreams, out of the ordinary. Existence set us apart so we could come together creatively."

Mas quem escreveu foi ele.

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