quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

Se vocês querem mesmo saber

Ninguém nunca entendeu a superfeminista. Aí ela resolveu se recolher para um dos muitos sótãos da minha alma, e só deus sabe se um dia sairá de lá.

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Ana Paula disse...

A única que entende a superfeminista é a mulher-machista.

Anselmo disse...

When it comes to me...

"I hate straight people who think they have anything intelligent to say about "outing." I
hate straight people who think stories about themselves are "universal" but stories about us are only about
homosexuality. I hate straight recording artists who make their careers off of queer people, then attack us, then act hurt
when we get angry and then deny having wronged us rather than apologize for it. I hate straight people who say, "I
don't see why you feel the need to wear those buttons and t-shirts. I don't go around telling the whole world I'm
straight." I hate that in twelve years of public education I was never taught about queer people. I hate that I grew up
thinking I was the only queer in the world, and I hate even more that most queer kids still grow up the same way. I hate
that I was tormented by other kids for being a faggot, but more that I was taught to feel ashamed for being the object of
their cruelty, taught to feel it was my fault."